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REM R84164 700 LONG RANGE 300 26

Whether defending freedom or pursuing big game, its out-of-the-box accuracy is unmatched. It's the number one bolt-action of all time, proudly made in the U.S.A. For over 50 years, more Model 700s have been sold than any other bolt-action rifle before or since. The legendary strength of its 3-rings-of-steel receiver paired with a hammer-forged barrel, combine to yield the most popular bolt-action rifle in history. The Model 700 also utilizes a X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger. The Model 700 Long Range combines the added stability of a 26" heavy-contour barrel with hard-hitting, long-action chamberings to stretch your lethal range. Its Bell and Carlson M40 tactical stock is solid urethane combined with aramid, graphite and fiberglass. The aluminum bedding block is for added accuracy and an extra swivel for bi-pod.



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Long Range


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