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We carry a wide variety of guns online from innovative and reliable firearms manufacturers designed with accuracy and performance in mind. Whether you are a target shooter or a hunter our rifle section will have everything you need. If you are looking for a reliable carry gun browse our pistol section. We also have tons of great options in revolvers, shotguns, and lowers.

Shop the Largest Selection of Firearms for Sale Online


  • How many guns can you own?

    One individual is not restricted to the number of guns that can be purchased in any given time period. The federal law does require federal firearm licensees (“FFLs”) to report multiple sales of handguns to ATF and other specified law enforcement agencies.

  • How much does a typical gun cost?

    The more common rifles, pistols, and shotguns will often range between $350 and $650. A high-quality gun generally costs $1000 or more.

  • What are the different types of firearms?

    Rifle, shotgun, revolver, pistol, and class III.

  • Can a ship a gun to my house?

    No, all firearms must be shipped to a licensed FFL dealer. After it arrives you will go to that FFL to do a NICS background check.

  • Can I buy more than one gun at a time?

    Yes, there is no limit on the amount of guns you can purchase.