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  • When a product is marked "Available Online" or "Available In Store" what does that mean?

    If a product says "Available Online", please allow 3-6 business days for it to come in or be delivered. If a product says "Available In Store", we have it in stock at our retail location.

  • How do I set-up a local FFL transfer?

    Use our FFL finder during checkout to select the FFL nearest you. Then contact them to make sure they accept transfers.

  • Can I have the gun shipped directly to my home?

    All gun purchases must be shipped to a FFL license holder in order for you to complete the proper paperwork.

  • How much will my local dealer charge for transfer?

    Although it is hard to say exactly what your local dealer will charge you, we have found that $25-$50 is fairly common.

  • Do you ship ammo?

    Yes ammo ships at a flat rate of $19.99

  • I have tried to call several times and the line is always busy. Is your phone working?

    You can contact us from the "Contact Us" page here on the site. You can also reach us by phone at 270-229-0140 or email us at

  • How much does it cost to ship a gun?

    Shipping is $19.99 per firearm.

  • Do you ship guns?

    Yes, we will ship a gun to an FFL dealer in your area.

  • Are all the guns new?

    All guns on our site are factory new unless stated otherwise in the description.

  • Where do I find a list of FFL’s to choose from?

    Use our FFL finder during checkout to select the FFL nearest you and we will ship your firearm to them. The FFL you select will complete your NICS background check when you go to pick it up. Note: Our FFL Finder is a tool to help you find a dealer near you. Make sure you contact the FFL before completing your purchase and make sure they accepted transfers.

  • Can I switch to a different FFL dealer after I’ve placed my order?

    Yes, if you decide to switch FFLs, please email us at or call us at 270-229-0140 as soon as possible. If your order has shipped, we cannot change it at that point.

  • Is there any place you do not ship?

    Sorry, we do not offer shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico at this time.